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We specialize in making learning guitar fun and enjoyable, and are experienced with assisting beginners and intermediate musicians alike.

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A little about us…

The lack of structure when learning guitar is one of the biggest issues to build a  solid foundation that can allow you to continue improving overtime.

We’re located in Paddington and have helped hundreds of people learn to play guitar using a uniquely structured method developed over 30+ years.

Our method ensure that a solid foundation is in place, so students can progressively get better and better at guitar!


In-Person Classes​

Perfect for those who like the real-time feedback, interaction, and motivation that comes with in-person classes.

Online Classes​

Ideal for those who would prefer to learn guitar in the comfort & convenience of their own home.

Why Us?​

Structured, Yet Fun​

Our tried-and-tested method adds structure to your learning journey while also keeping things fun and enjoyable.

Suitable For All Ages​

Our teachers have a vast experience teaching all age groups, and our method is suitable for 4 year-olds to adults.

Perfect For Beginners​

Our method is perfect for beginners & intermediates, so they can take it to the next level!

What People Are Saying About Us

4.8 rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google Reviews

Success Stories

Here are some of our successful students who graduated with us!

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