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Located in Paddington

*Structured Guitar Lessons *Beginners Welcome *Ages 4 Years to Adults *Certified Teachers *All Lesson Materials Included *Located in Paddington

Address: Shop 4/1-11 Oxford St Paddington NSW Australia 2021

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G4 GUITAR lessons are based on a structured system of learning using the 7 Essentials Skills of guitar. By focusing on these 7 skills you will learn to play your favorite songs in less time with greater precision. Right now you can enroll for lessons for $99 per month. We are located in Paddington NSW.

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As an adult learner I had trouble making progress, but the G4 method is working for me! I've seen progress already, and am feeling great about it.

Michele Konrad, Sydney

My kids love learning guitar and their skills have improved so quickly. Great support & fantastic learning!

Biba Von Euw, Paddington​

My 11 year daughter is taking lessons for about 3 months. She loves the class and never once hesitated going. The teaching program is set up so that the kids can practice on their own responsibly. Class hours are flexible and the location convenient. Quite easy to find street parking after 5pm. We have been looking for a guitar class like this in the city for a while. Very happy so far.

Takeshi Someya, Ultimo AU

I've learnt a great deal in a very short period, having not known anything about guitar. I'm very enthusiastic to keep learning!

Craigh Pratt, Paddington AU

I'd been waiting to learn to play guitar for a long time but never really found the right environment to learn until I started at G4Guitar. The teachers are really great and they teach without ego. It's empowering and I was amazed how quickly Learned, improved and grew passionate about the guitar. Highly recommend, especially for busy adults wanting to learn the guitar.

Travis De Jonk Paddington AU

David is an amazing teacher. He knows how to explain the technique and theory in a way kids understand easily. He keeps my daughter engaged and challenged on a weekly basis and has the patience of a saint. We couldn't be happier with how her lessons have been going!

- Stephanie, Lake Forest CA 

As an adult beginner, I couldn't have a better instructor than David Minns. David is a wonderful and patient teacher. His instructions are tailored to my speed and ability. Through his passion and enthusiasm, lessons with David are always positive. His encouragement maintains my interest and motivates me to keep pushing myself. I've had numerous guitar instructors but always have given up. David is the first instructor who has been able to lead me this far. I'm very thankful for David's guidance in helping me to achieve one of my "bucket list." I can't think of a higher recommendation for David Minns. Great teacher.

- Tu D, Lake Forest CA.

I've been learning with G4 Paddington for about 5 months now. I really like the structure of the course, particularly breaking down the skills. So far I've made much better progress than previously trying to learn by myself. The teaching at Paddington is great, and I also appreciate the additional song sessions organised by Caleb.

- Simon Daniel, Paddington AU

I’m really enjoying the lessons at G4 Penrith. I like the G4 method because it is structured and is also affordable. We all learn at a different pace and you don’t move on to the next levels until you are ready. Our new owner/teacher Pete is great. He makes me feel at ease and engaged at the same time.

- Libby Bullock, Penrith AU

I am a parent of three girls ages (twins)13 and 9, we take lessons from Mr David Minns in portola hills ca location. I am very please with his teaching style and mannerism as a teacher, my girls look forward to his class all week long. They have developed a keen interest in guitar and music in general. I feel that these lessons adds richness to there life and help them grow into better young ladies. I like the G4 curriculum and appreciate the overall experience.

- Shreshtha Savdharia, Lake Forest, US

As feedback is a good thing, firstly I would like to say that I think my daughter has made good progress. Off the record she would play very well if she practiced more. The reason she does not practice enough is that she gets bored easily and she does find the exercises a bit tedious. She is over confident in her own ability and gets away with it as she has learnt to read music well. I am not sure how to deal with this. However I am pleased to say that she wants to keep playing. The teachers we have encountered are very dedicated and encouraging and Kira enjoys the group sessions.

- Konstanzia Kulakowski, Paddinton AU

I appreciate the opportunity to give positive feedback regarding your guitar instructor, David Minns. Both my son, Jake, and I look forward to his weekly classes immensely! Not only is David very good at giving guitar instruction, but he is both personable and humorous. David is very patient and encouraging and good at giving feedback to my son. We both feel very fortunate to have David as Jake’s guitar instructor! He is a very positive influence on Jake’s musical interests, we only wish we had found him sooner! -

Jacquie Maple, Lake Forest, US

I am enjoying my bass guitar lessons and decided to continue after my introductory period. My teacher is great, works me hard, is happy to answer questions and has strong expectations for student practice. I am pleased that the course tests me on different skills such as listening skill and reading music, as well as playing.

- Stephen, Horsham, UK

After many years of 'on/off' guitar playing I finally started formal lessons last May at the age of 68, and have managed to achieve senior level 2 and am approaching level 3. I rate the whole G4 method and approach very highly as it has brought home to me the necessity of having disciplined structured practice in order to develop one's ability. Although I was familiar with much of what was being taught I did not have the level of skills required to make my hands and fingers do what was in my head! G4 has actually provided me with the tools to move ahead and I finally feel I'm getting somewhere.I cannot speak highly enough of G4 - please keep up the good work.PS - Must not forget Trevor Lynn who is an excellent teacher and provides the hidden extras!

- Andrew Kirby, Horsham UK

The lessons using the G4 method are exactly what I needed having dabbled in the past with trying to learn from books with no tuition and failed miserably.

What I really like is leaning the skills concurrently. The half hour lesson once a week is invaluable giving the opportunity to resolve queries that in some cases could almost be show stoppers in terms of progressing confidently

- Tony Buzzing, Horsham UK

Guitar lessons are really excellent! I have used another method in the past, an online lesson, and also had lessons with a teacher but this method works better because :

- folder, very useful with motivation tips, detailed exercices, set of goals, progress tracking tips, guitar challenge, online resources.... Great tool!

- teacher Trevor Lynne really helpful, motivational, patient and has helped me a lot. Both combined, results are coming fast!

- Mary Hybois, Horsham, UK

My son is really enjoying his lessons with Trevor. He's very patient and finds good ways to motivate him. He also puts lots of effort into organising events which we all enjoy.

- Alice Treanor, Horsham, UK

I am very happy with the G4 system. The structure and methods are comprehensive and have certainly helped me to progress. Trevor Lynn, my teacher is extremely helpful and supportive. He certainly goes the extra mile.

- Ian McCulloch, Horsham, UK

David is a talented musician and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend him as a choice for learning to play the guitar. I think the structured lesson plan and daily exercises in the G4 method are very helpful.

- Lake Forest, CA

David Minns is an excellent teacher. He is very patient with new students. I would highly recommend David to anyone who wants to learn guitar.

- Ted G. Lake Forest, CA

James has been an excellent coach and instructor for me with my desire to learn guitar, and for my continued improvement with it. He makes it fun, exciting, easy to understand, and his patience for my slow learning curve is nothing short of amazing. I am so glad I found such a wonderful a teacher for my journey to make music on my own. You cannot go wrong with Mr. Pascha

ll! Highly recommend!

- Markus Lee, Santa Clarita CA

James Paschal has been providing guitar lessons for me and my 4 sons for over a decade now. Jim has a unique way of combining a deep understanding of music theory along with the fun of playing our favorite songs on the guitar. He's extremely patient and finds a way to make each lesson interesting and fun.

I never thought I could learn to solo or work out a song by ear, but Jim has taught me how. If you want to master the guitar then I'd highly recommend taking a lesson with him.

- Steve Kish, Santa Clarita CA,

My son loves learning the guitar and Reuben his instructor is a great teacher. My son has progressed much faster than we have anticipated which has built his confidence in learning music and in turn creating so much more enthusiasm.

- Stacey, Traralgon AU

David Minns is an awesome guitar instructor! Both my son Jake and I have enjoyed his classes. He takes the necessary time to insure Jake is grasping the material. David has a genuine interest in Jake's understanding as well as enjoyment of the materials! I highly recommend David - impressive!

- Jacqueline M., Lake Forest, CA

The lessons that Adrian is getting are fantastic. He has progressed amazingly and really enjoys playing the guitar. A lot if that has to do with Eduardo and his friendly, encouraging and patient approach. It is quite easy to follow the program of practice set out each week and over time we see a noticeable difference in Adrian's abilities. We've also noticed an improvement in Adrian's ability to concentrate and this has also helped with his school work. We are very pleased with Eduardo and the G4 program and hope to continue to see Adrian's abilities grow.

- Christina Zafirovska, Glenfield AU

My son rocco (8) is learning not myself. Rocco really likes his teacher Ben and loves his lessons he is finding it hard as expected but he is thoroughly enjoying it.

- Rocco German, Stockport UK

So far, I have been learning guitar with G4 Guitar for just over half a year and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. I feel that the structure of classes and practice schedules has helped keep me on track and even this early on, I can see that it is starting to provide results. The lessons are fun and I enjoy attending them and learning with G4. Thanks to the G4 Guitar Method, I am doing so much better than I could have if I had just decided to self-learn the instrument.

- Rachel Porter, Glenfield AU

I would like to take this opportunity to thank G4 for bringing music in my daughters life. My daughter Jaskiran is 14 years old and she enjoys every guitar session.It is very structured style of learning music and students go step by step.

Lalo perez (Ed) Jaskiran"s music teacher makes the lesson interesting. she loves to practice regularly and there is always something new to learn . Its great to have a good teacher who understands what students want . Its a great experience

Jasmeen Kaur, Glenfield AU

All I can say is that he is loving every moment of it. Never had issues with getting him to practice, and he is always looking forward to the next lesson. Jeff Cooke is an excellent teacher, very easy to communicate with as parent, and have a great way with the kids. I have recommended him to several other parents as well.

- Niel Maartens, Butler AU

It has been just over a month now since I have commenced my journey with G4 Guitar and may I admit, time has truly flown by! Guitar is an instrument that I have been focused on learning for a while now but I was either never able to make time for it, or I was unable to find the right music school/teacher who would be able to train me up to become a proficient guitarist. I love the fact that G4 Guitar operates a skills based program rather than focusing on training its students in one particular area of the guitar. This truly enables us to be able to master each individual skill that in turn allows us to play any song from any part of the world with equal proficiency. The lessons are also structured in a manner that does not demotivate students, beginners in particular, if they are not able to perfect a certain technique. So far, my experience with G4 Guitar has been amazing and I hope that it continues this way for many more years to come!

- Srishtti Viswanath, Glenfield AU

I am enjoying the lessons, this is only week 6 for me. My teacher Michael is fantastic, very patient and a joy to learn from.

- Debra Marchant, Norwood AU

My name is Alan Owens from the Westmidlands just to let you know that I that I am 67 years old and that I have been having lessons with Jay for the past 18 months and enjoying every one, he is a very good teacher and I think that the G4 method is very good.

- Alan Owens, West Midlands UK

Alfie is really enjoying his lessons and coming on really well with Ben. From my listening to his practice, I would really like to hear him play a well full "tune".

- Stephanie, Stockport UK

I started going with my son and enjoyed it that much that now I've signed up! It's easy to follow and our teacher Reuben has made it really enjoyable for us both, myself and my 8 year old look forward to our lesson each week and are loving leading to play the guitar.

- Tanya Preusker, Traralgon AU

My 7 yr old son is having lessons with Jay in Tipton and it doing extremely well - he has ADHD and Autism, however, Jay has been very patient and also is learning about his needs which is going the extra mile to support him. We can see progress and are excited for his future as he loves music.I would highly recommend Jay.

Gillian Stanley, West Midlands UK.

The G4 Method is a challenge but the journey of learning makes it all worthwhile and enjoyable.

Chris King, Norwood AU

G4 is a methodical approach, building up essential skills layer upon layer. I enjoy the way it challenges you to learn and improve in new areas by continuing to use previous lessons.

Scott Burnett, Butler AU