• 5 Weeks of Guitar Lessons with a G4 GUITAR Instructor
  • The G4 GUITAR METHOD Complete (Over 100 pages)
  • 6 months access to the G4 GUITAR Member's Only Website

Purchase the 5 Week Intro Course  for only $199 (Gift Certificates Available) 

Located in Paddington

*Structured Guitar Lessons *Beginners Welcome *Ages 4 Years to Adults *Certified Teachers *All Lesson Materials Included *Located in Paddington

Address: Shop 4/1-11 Oxford St Paddington NSW Australia 2021

Exclusive to G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS

G4 GUITAR lessons are based on a structured system of learning using the 7 Essentials Skills of guitar. By focusing on these 7 skills you will learn to play your favorite songs in less time with greater precision. Right now you can enroll for lessons for $99 per month. We are located in Paddington NSW.

Takeshi Someya

My 11 year daughter is taking lessons for about 3 months. She loves the class and never once hesitated going. The teaching program is set up so that the kids can practice on their own responsibly. Class hours are flexible and the location convenient. Quite easy to find street parking after 5pm. We have been looking for a guitar class like this in the city for a while. Very happy so far. Takeshi Someya, Ultimo AU

Craigh Pratt

Learnt a great deal

I've learnt a great deal in a very short period, having not known anything about guitar. I'm very enthusiastic to keep learning!


Craigh Pratt, Paddington AU
Travis De Jonk Gallery Director/Curator

Empowering and I was amazed how quickly Learned 

I'd been waiting to learn to play guitar for a long time but never really found the right environment to learn until I started at G4Guitar. The teachers are really great and they teach without ego. It's empowering and I was amazed how quickly Learned, improved and grew passionate about the guitar. Highly recommend, especially for busy adults wanting to learn the guitar. Travis De Jonk Paddington AU

Choice for learning to play the guitar

David is a talented musician and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend him as a choice for learning to play the guitar. I think the structured lesson plan and daily exercises in the G4 method are very helpful. 

Lake Forest, CA